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A selection of carefully hand picked ingredients, Cooked by our highly trained Chinese Chefs, adding passion and love, it is not just Food, Every dish represents a part of our culture, a Culture that we are proud of.


Dining in a restaurant without the right drinks is like walking in the bathtub and finding your favourite bubbles is missing, what? You don’t use bubbles? Alright sir, here is your tap water! Even our tap water is poured carefully into the glasses by our lovely Staff!


We understand that we will not have 100% happy customers, however we believe in making our Staffs happier will lead to more happy customers, therefore we make sure the staffs are treated fairly, equally and with respect, so they will look after our customers in the same way!

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When Talking about restaurant, People tend to think it is as just a place to eat, Maybe a couple of drinks. However At Wok Ever Palace, We believe it is not just that, it's a place where families gather together, Friends have a little catch up, Strangers meet new people, It's a place links up everything and everyone. But, Well, Here is the Menu...

Everyone has their own story, Whether good or bad, Maybe happy or sad, that is what made what we are, and Here is Ours.

The Great Wall of China was not built by one person, The Wok Ever Palace cannot run itself, Meet the people who runs the restaurant.

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