In the Year 2000, a young man called Weicheng was just finished his training at GangCheng Holiday Hotel -- as a Chef, he planned to stay here just like all the other young persons did. Among Weicheng, there were almost 100 young people who were trained at the same time, some of them were trained as a waiter/waitress looking to become the manager one day, some were trained as a bar staff, who were dreaming about to become the head-bartender. As for Weicheng, He also had ambition, his ambition was to master the Chinese Cooking techniques, to learn about everything this mass country has to offer in ways of cooking, HE LOVES FOOD! However, the difference between Weicheng and the other youngsters was clear, he planned to stay was not because he was dreaming about to become some important people in the hotel one day, he stayed because Master Xi -- Head Chef of GangCheng Holiday Hotel, Master Xi was in his late 60s, well, at least that was what he told everyone, no one knows what is Master Xi's first name, seems that everyone at the hotel called him Master Xi, even the owner himself.

To Be continued...



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